What stops prospects converting into clients?

Are you a counsellor or life coach who wants more clients ?

Maybe you have secured prospects but then find them unsubscribing from your list?  

Do you find you have to constantly chase potential clients?  

Are you fed up with the traditional hype of marketing?

Want to discover an ethical way to market your services?

Would you love to market in way that is authentic with who you are?

If this is you then this free masterclass will help...

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Read what other's say about this masterclass series...

It's so good having someone in MY industry guiding the way and giving such clear and sound advice!

Michelle - Eating Disorder Coach

I knew something was getting in my way, I didn't realise it was me until watching this masterclass. I now know how to get out of my own way and have quieted my inner critic, thank you! thank you!

Brenda Life Coach

I just love Carrie's work, she Is so easy to listen to and the quality of the information given is top notch and so practical. I always understand her and have implemented her trainings to achieve an increase to my client base by 3 new clients a week

Meg - Career Coach

Thanks to the trainings from Carrie I now enjoy the lifestyle I had always dreamed of. I work just 4 days a week and have the time and money now to hike in the Welsh mountains whenever I chose. 

Pat Youth Coach

During this series of powerful video trainings you will...

  • Discover how you may uwittingly be turning prospective clients away
  • Learn the language to use that engages prospects and keeps them eager for more
  • Reveal how to stop getting in your own way and silence your inner critical gremlin
  • Learn how to stop the self-sabotage that is blocking your business growth
  • Uncover the roadmap to draw a never-ending stream of clients into your business
  • Uncover a powerful authentic way to market your services that fit with the ethics of a service-based business  
  • Discover how you can transform your life when you have clients seek you out


Empowering professional counsellors and coaches to authentic life and business success @ 2019