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Attract Qualified Strangers to Your Services and Turn Them Into Loyal Clients

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“When I first started working with Carrie, I was enthusiastic and knew I wanted to change people’s lives for the better but was pretty clueless about how to find clients to help in the first place – especially as I had a limited advertising budget From having a handful of clients and little experience in public speaking, I now have several one to one clients, run regular workshops, have created a program of downloadable products and through effective networking, I have established several profitable strategic alliances and joint ventures. I have also recently been approached by a production company to make a short film for a potential series of documentaries for a major television channel!  

I couldn’t have done it without Carrie and would highly recommend her to anybody wanting to make a success out of their small business.” Cindy F

“I already felt that I had what is takes to be a good coach but I knew that there was more to it than just the coaching skills. I realised that I needed to learn how to run a business and to understand how to market and sell myself if I was to achieve my dream. Working with Carrie has not only allowed me to develop the skills that I needed in marketing and sales, along with the confidence to use them.” 

Ralph G. Life Coach

“Amazing content Carrie, very helpful. I've read and thought about my ideal client before but never this deeply and never appreciating why it's so vital. I can see why now. 

Your offline strategies - brilliant - Absolute nuggets here. I've had so many wasted opportunities simply from not having this valuable wisdom, but all good, because I can go forward differently. 

Michelle S. Eating Disorder Coach

"It is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with Carrie. She is a great mentor and coach because she knows what she is talking about and makes sure that I understand. She creates an atmosphere of "unshakable confidence" and a heart centered connection with me. That is very important as she encourages me to take on the unknowable with courage. She is the example and I have grown so much by working with her. It is with a great deal of laughter that we accomplish what we set out to do. Thank you so much, Carrie!" 

Stephanie Stanfield, Ph.D.,Th.D. Sleep Coach

"OMG I have been having a brain explosion, there is so much great information. I have loved every minute of the learning and feel so much more knowledgeable and able to apply it all. I even made sense explaining somethingto the techy at GoDaddy, I shocked myself! I do not know what I would do without your workshop Carrie. Thanks so much" 

Karen S Ageing Fearlessly Coach

"So many takeaways! Thank you soooooooo much. I love the aeroplane banner - really made me focus on what i'm offering. Have never heard of so many of these tools that you share - thank you for these time saving and effective tips."

 Anne M Life Coach

Not only do you get all this, but you also get these amazing bonus gifts...

1. The copy pack: Secrets to writing for the online world

Discover the language that top online marketers use to generate high converting copy for your opt-in/landing pages. 

People buy based on their emotions. Included in the copy pack is a powerful cheat sheet of highly emotive words that you can use to ensure you hit the right spot for your ideal clients.

Discover headlines that grab the attention of your target audience with an easy-to-use template to make sure that it is your advert that people see and click on. (Value $297)

2. Prospects from Ad Words

Get unlimited access to this popular program that shows you exactly how to generate a steady stream of prospects using Google Ad Words without paying a fortune. Follow the straightforward steps to ensure your advertising budget delivers real returns and has your marketing funnel overflowing. (Value $197)

3. Lifetime Access to Support Forum

Get unlimited access to the discussion and support forum for the program, a place to get your questions answered and share ideas and resources to further develop your business. This forum is monitored daily so you will never have to wait long for an answer (Value $1497)

4. Unlimited email support

Want a more personal response? For the duration of the program Email me with your question and I promise to reply within 24-48 hours (Value PRICELESS)

Here's everything you get...

Module 1: Foundations - Set yourelf up for marketing success - build strong foundations 

  • Reveal the importance of defining who you want to work and what issues they have and the significant impact this can have on your marketing success
  • Understand the psyche of your ideal client going beyond basic demograhics and why this alone can attract or repel clients
  • Discover the pitfalls to avoid when identifying your niche and avatar  
  • Understand the difference between niches and avatars and why it is vital to be clear on these before you start to market your services  
  • Understand the metrics you need to track your success and create your tailored goal

Module 2: Positioning - Discover how you can be viewed as credible so people actively search for you

  • Learn how to create a powerful online presence that makes it easy for people to find you and why this is important
  • Build trust - THE most vital ingredient for ethical marketing success. Have people actively seeking you out wanting to work with you 
  • Build your credibility and get known as the "go to person" for your client's issues
  • Understand what positioning really is, why it is critical to get it right and how so many get it wrong  
  • Identify how and where you can find your avatar 
  • Discover what your avatar really wants to know, and how to present information in a way that engages and keeps interest
  • Learn what to do to start a conversation with a complete stranger so that they want to find out more

Module 3: Connection - Start the magic and connect with your ideal clients

  • Find out what a marketing offer is and how it fits perfectly with ethical marketing ideal for service business where the key is the relationship
  • Discover the secrets to making your offer irresitible, so that you get a constant stream of interested people joining your list  
  • Learn how to ensure it is your offer that people select
  • Reveal what format to use for your lead magnet that delivers the best conversion rates
  • Create your first effective lead magnet 

Module 4: Follow these simple steps to create powerful landing pages that will have list of prospects overflowing

  • Learn what makes a landing page turn lookers into prospects 
  • Discover how to create a conversion machine 
  • Uncover the little-known secrets to advanced landing page strategies  
  • Discover how thank-you pages can be the hidden gem in your strategy 
  • Get into action and start creating

Module 5: Drive Traffic - Discover how to generate a never-ending stream of prospects at minimum cost 

  • Learn the most cost-effective ways to drive traffic and how to create ad campaigns for as little as 20c a lead 
  • Identify the various types of traffic and how you can generate new prospects for no cost in time
  • Find out how to use Social Media to advertise at zero costs
  • Discover how Google Ad Words can be cost-effective
  • Learn time-saving tips so you can free your time to do more of what you love
  • Generate your first 50 prospects

Module 6: Nurturing- Discover why so many marketers fail and how you can nurture your prospects so that conversion becomes a no-brainer

  • You want to work with people that want to work with you, right? Well this module shows you the simple steps you can take that has people jumping at the chance to work with you  
  • Learn how to create a natural conversation that effortlessly flows to conversion without appearing "salesy" or "pushy" 
  • Identify what technology you need, and critically, what you don't need so that you can avoid paying for features you won't use  
  • Understand what a sequence is and why they are so vital to marketing success 
  • Use our templates and example scripts to build the all important know-like and trust factor with your prospects so they are eager to hear from you and stay in your list  
  • Discover why jumping too quickly to asking a prospect to work with you will turn them away, AND what to do instead 
  • Identify common mistakes AND how to avoid repeating them
  • Learn how to establish communities for your ideal client, halve your paid advertising budget  
  • Attract and retain your ideal clients

Module 7: Conversion - Learn the secret technique that will have clients saying yes every time 

  • Nail the conversion process while maintaining integrity and an ethical approach 
  • Learn how to managing prospect's (and your) expectations  
  • Reveal the hidden power of seeding - what it is and how to use it to make the conversation flow so that conversion becomes effortless and a no-brainer 
  • Get scripts and examples for the conversion conversation to make it easy for you to implement
  • Identify Key phrases vital to use when making your offer 
  • Learn how to create a webinar that deliver sales
  • Reveal how to use live events and workshops to convert

Through this program you will create your own personal blueprint for marketing success - one cohesive automated system that delivers a regular stream of clients to your inbox

Digestible materials

Each module contains a series of short videos that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. Simply watch when you have time.

In addition to the videos, you get templates, checklists and workbooks so you will always be clear what to do and how to do it

The templates even show you what to write

With this system you have a "rinse and repeat" process that you can watch again and again whenever you need a reminder for a particular step in the process

Clarity of action  

No longer do you need to be confused with what to do next.  

Use our checklists to guide your marketing activities so you always know what your next step is

Use the "How to" guides and checklists to clarify what you need to do each week to maintain your marketing presence

Create an easy-to-follow marketing plan for the year for your online advertising 

Yes, it will take effort to set-up, but once in place you will discover how little time and effort it takes to maintain

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