Do Blogs and Articles Really Attract Clients?

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Marketing strategies and plans come in all shapes and sizes. The right plan for your business depends on many different factors. But one thing all businesses have in common is that they can benefit a great deal from blogging and/or publishing articles. (Here I am using the term blog and article interchangeably - in essence a medium where you share content with your audience.)

One of the keys to any successful marketing strategy is to build trust with your audience so that they see you as a source of valuable information and tips to help them solve the problems they are experiencing. Writing a blog is a fabulous way to do this and is part of content marketing strategies.  

When you write a blog, you publish a steady stream of fresh content. This content draws traffic to your site and earns new readers, while also building a relationship with the readers you have.  

Blogging is an effective and simple strategy to adopt

Many small businesses don't want to blog because it's 'writing' and you're not a 'writer.' But blogging is extremely simple and there are ways to short cut the writing process so that you can have fresh content with your own voice to serve your audience. This is why it makes a perfect element in an online marketing plan.  

Blog posts can be as short as 300 words or even less. They can include videos, images or even audio files. Each post can cover one simple topic and the writing doesn't have to be magazine-grade. Write in a conversational tone like you're talking to a friend and proofread so that there aren't any grammar or spelling mistakes.  

The way to blog headache-free is to set aside a little time each week to write and post. Carve out an hour or so to write something and post it. If you have a team member who can write well, delegate the task to them, or consider employing a virtual assistant to write for you.  

What to write?

Ensure blogging is a part of your marketing strategy

Decide what topics your blog will cover and at what frequency you'll write and post. If you add a blog to your website, you'll boost your site's SEO and give visitors more to do there. You can also use your blog's analytics and its reader comments to learn more about your target market and its tastes.  

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Carrie Wallis is the creator of the "From Stangers to Clients" client attraction system and has been serving the helping professions for over 15 years. When she’s not serving her clients, she can be found on Syndey harbour Dolphin and Whale watching or chilling with family and friends. She calls The Southern Highlands of Australia home.