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Live 3-day practical workshop where you will get your marketing done

By the end of this workshop, you will have your client attraction path and first marketing campaign set-up and live!

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| Next LIVE Event: 1st-3rd July 2021 |

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Due to Covid-19, this will be an Online Event - Click here for logistics

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"This workshop was by far the best training on client attraction I have ever attended. The structure of the training was excellent, information easy to understand, practical tips priceless and Carrie's availability/ accessibility during the workshop was invaluable." ~Tatajana D Counsellor

Why Get Clients Online?

An essential ingredient for any successful private practice is clients. Yet many experienced Counsellors struggle in the crowded online space to attract the clients they want to work with. Doctor's referrals and EAP schemes only go so far to fill your practice. To thrive, it is vital to regularly attract new clients yet the online world can seem a mysterious and sometimes scary place. Concerns over data protection and client privacy, not to mention the numerous scams that exist can put even the most hardened professional off marketing their services online.

This practical workshop not only shows what you need to do to attract your ideal clients in an authentic and ethical manner; but also helps you action the necessary steps so that you leave with a secure path in place that leads potential clients right to your practice door.

"I love Carrie's approach, learn it and do it. With help available when I got stuck, It's a great way to get into action. To anyone considering taking this program, I'd say just do it! The information provided was so valuable. Carrie is approachable and easy to listen to. I've just signed up a $4,000 client" ~ Tanya E Coach

What you get...

This action-orientated workshop combines education with action. 

  • Many programs tell you what you need to do but then abandon you, leaving you on your own to figure out how to implement. This workshop is action-focused so that you implement what you learn each day as you create a path to attract your ideal clients into your practice.
  • Each day of the workshop you will learn and action the next step in your client's journey to signing up with you. LIVE support guarantees your questions will be answered.
  • Solve a problem your ideal clients face as you craft a gift that will be irresistible so that you can generate new leads every day.
  • Learn fun and easy-to-use tools to create powerful social media posts that will build your credibility and presence in the online world. 
  • Master adverts that attract your ideal clients and create a high-converting web-page to gather those all-important contact details.
  • Use my templates to craft emails that build a trusting relationship with your prospects so that they ask to work with you.
  • Discover a range of time-saving tools that make the work of crafting offers and finding clients straight forward.

Throughout the workshop, you receive practical help with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive personal support as you create your own path for clients to find you and connect with you digitally.

The format for the workshop is E.S.D.R - Explain, Show, Do and Review...

  • Explain: Have the concept explained and what you need to do for each stage of the process.
  • Show: Watch demonstrations of how to activate the tasks required to complete the stage.
  • Do: Implement the steps shown, with live support for your questions.
  • Review: We then come together to review what you have done, answer questions and make sure you are happy with the stage.

Hate Technology?

It does not matter what level of comfort you have with technology, the tools and methods you learn in this workshop are simple to apply and you are supported live as you take the actions you need. All you need is your own laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection for the virtual workshop or bring your laptop or tablet to the in-person workshop where internet access will be provided.

The workshop setting is fun and there will be surprises and bonuses for you to enjoy along the way; as well as the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals.

The workshop starts you on the path to find and attract clients into your practice.

PLUS, you also receive a BONUS of a personal hour-long review of your campaign with Carrie after the workshop. Get your questions answered and optimise your campaign.

"I found Carrie's warm responses to my comments encouraging. She was always friendly and respectful, and never made assumptions or came across as judgmental. She made me feel at ease to communicate openly with her and others in the group. The video presentations were entertaining and the messages clear and easy to understand. My client base has increased threefold as a result of this training and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated" ~ Mike U Counsellor

Workshop Outline

This workshop is a practical action-focused program divided into 6 easy-to-implement segments, where you will...

1: Planning

Identify the key ingredients to ethically attract clients in the online world

Create Your 90-Day Client Attraction Plan

2: Presence

3: Create an Attracting Gift

Uncover a quick way to create an inspiring gift that potential clients want to have

Craft your Gift

4: Launch Your Gift

5: Build Relationship

Finding prospects is only the start, the next step is to build a relationship with them and invite to a meeting with you

Write your Welcoming Sequence and Craft an Invitation That Will Fill Your Calendar in No Time

6: Get Traffic

Discover how to create an online presence to build your credibility, stand-out to help clients find you.

Generate Content For a Month To Highlight Your Skills and Knowledge

Reveal the critical elements to create a web page that converts potential clients into prospects

Design and Build a High-Converting Webpage for Your Offer

Even the best-designed web page is useless unless people see it. In this last segment, you will learn how to get traffic visiting your webpage

Write Adverts

Use my templates to do the work faster.

As this event qualifies for The Australian Counselling Association's (ACA) Professional Development requirements there will be a short quiz at the end of the program to confirm learning for members of the ACA; on completion, you will receive a Certificate.

Meet Your Presenter

Delivering Energising Confidence for YOU to Prosper in Business (& Life)

Carrie Wallis is The Marketing Specialist for the Helping Professions

Carrie's wealth of experience and generosity in sharing means you will enjoy unparalleled support as you work to implement marketing and attract clients into your business.

Carrie delivers energising confidence so you will not only know what to do and how to do it but also believe that you CAN do it.

The pivotal moment for Carrie's business came when she realised that the secret sauce needed to sign-up more clients was the relationship and trust you establish by showing the transformation they can achieve from working with you.

Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. Feel welcomed and valued from the start. Enjoy your program and know Carrie is there to support you.

Contact Me

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this event.

  • Address: Level 1, 118 High street, Mittagong NSW 2575
  • Phone: +61 (0)2 4857 4201

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"Just do it! The information provided was so valuable. Carrie is so approachable and easy to listen to. I loved the workshop booklets for each session. It is amazing value for what you get"

- Tanya E

"Marketing doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. So go for it, you will learn so many practical and doable ways to find clients on this workshop"

- Dr Steph S